Monday, February 11, 2008

Buckle up!

Isaac has mastered his rolling skills. He rolls all around in his crib at night. It is always funny to see what kind of position he ends up in... usually he rolls himself into a corner. I now have to be much more careful about leaving him on our bed unattended or on the changing table. And apparently the bouncy seat!

I guess it is time to start buckling him in.


Sherri said...

It looks like he is going to be quite the little athlete, as he is maneuvering himself so well!

Mikael said...

The cutest little kid ever! I think it's time to strap him on Cracker's back and go for a ride (that would be too funny)

Rachel said...

Love that you found my blog! OK, we loved sitting by Isaac at church and hearing him laugh the whole time:) It was adorable!!